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If you are experiencing difficulty in dealing with your insurance company, or if your claim has been underpaid or even denied, we can help you. In many instances, policyholders may not even be aware that certain damages exist, and may think that the compensation received for their loss is adequate, only to find out later that it is not. Beyond the obvious, there may be additional damages that the untrained eye may not recognize. Our expertise in dealing with these types of issues will ensure that all damages are documented and that you are compensated for the proper repair costs.


A complete and thorough inspection is absolutely key in uncovering damages that will go unseen to the untrained eye. Our team will assess your property identifying all covered damages.

Total Damage Calculation

Whether your damages involve property, contents, or business interruption, we prepare a detailed scope of work using industry-standard software and years of valuation compiling experience.  


Communicating with your insurance company is a vital part of what we do. Policy language, coverages, exclusions, limits, and time constraints are just a few areas of the insurance claim game that we navigate on your behalf.


Complete indemnification is our main goal...bringing your property back to a pre-loss condition in a timely, effective manner with minimal disruption of your life or business.

Free Consultation
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