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WesGroup Consulting LLC is a disaster recovery consulting firm founded to assist policyholders in recovering the most favorable settlement for claims against their insurance carrier for losses caused by wind, flood, hail, fire, or water damage. Our experience in property damage assessment dates back to Hurricane Bonnie which struck the east coast in 1998, damaging homes and businesses along the North Carolina shoreline.


WesGroup was formed in 2014 to provide a level of comfort and peace of mind to situations that can be extremely burdensome for property owners. We put forth every effort to assure you the most favorable outcome by:


> Reviewing your policy to identify coverage
> Assessing all damages to your property
> Compiling a scope of work
> Determining the proper cost of repairs
> Preparing a detailed estimate including line items for all required repairs
> Corresponding with the insurance company on your behalf
> Preparing and submitting all required documentation
> Negotiating the proper amount for settlement of your claim


Even if you've already received a payment for your claim, we may still be able help you.

You will owe us nothing if we don't recover a settlement for you.

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